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The core values of HSU are the guiding principles for how we conduct all aspects of our business. This includes how we treat our employees, vendors, suppliers, how we interact with the public, and how we fulfill our activities every day. While many of our values are contained within the HSU Vision and Mission Statement, our values also extend to the list below. Strict adherence to all our values will ensure we achieve premier customer service. It will also provide the foundation for the development and growth of HSU. 


Compassionate – We care about everyone and treat all people with kindness. 

Positive – Our attitude is always “we can do this, life is good.” 

Honesty – Our words and actions are always truthful.

Open-minded – Other ideas are worth consideration.

Patient – We accept the behavior of others without getting unduly annoyed.

Personal – We recognize the humanity in everyone.

Humble – We strive to be the best, but that doesn’t make us better than other people.

Realistic ­– We understand and accept the practical parameters facing ourselves and others.

Moral – Our view of proper conduct is clear and we always take the path of doing right.

Motivational – We encourage others to do well.

Loyal – We commit our efforts to HSU, our co-workers and our customers.

Transparent – We share all relevant information to ensure honesty and achieve our goals. 

This family-owned company was created by the Tepedino family as an offshoot of a much larger service company to fill to a critical gap in the bathroom remodeling industry. Most companies do not focus on the customer need; they focus on their own needs. Home Services USA is different because HSU puts the entire focus on the customer. That’s why we say we provide bathroom upgrades. Because that is what homeowners expect and deserve. Every activity from our company is completed with that goal in mind. Our expertise is in fulfilling all customer need for design and performance and delivering value. We are not the cheapest but we deliver the most value so you will always get more for your money.

About Us

We always provide homeowners with a professional experience and more valuable home upgrade through honesty, integrity, reliability, respect.


At HSU our commitment is to provide a superior interaction with homeowners from the very first contact with our team. Homeowners benefit from our experts providing professional solutions, premier products and ongoing thoughtful service for their home upgrades. Specifically, the HSU staff promises to always ensure a friendly voice with answers to all questions, step-by-step communications during the project and an easy experience customized for each homeowner from start to finish. We offer a 48-hr response for any requests after the project is complete.

Mission Statement

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Contact Information:

All Inquiries - info@homeservicesusa.com


670 North Beers St. Building 4, 
Holmdel, NJ 07733


485 Wright Debow Road, 
Jackson, NJ 08527